Foundation: The Mule's Conquest of the Galaxy

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Shared July 25, 2018

Foundation and Empire is the second published book in the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov. The Second half of the book depicts the Rise of the Mule. The Mule was an extremely powerful mutant with the power to sense an manipulate the emotions of others. He would pose the greatest threat to Hari Seldon’s plan for the future of humanity. The fourth released book in the series would later reveal that the Mule was born on the mentalic planet Gaia, within Sayshell Sector, an isolated sector of space. There he was regarded as a criminal, on the planet mental powers were being developed for helpful reasons, to suite benevolent ends, his abilities were considered an aberration. He managed to escape the planet at a young age. The Mules childhood was one of alienation and torment, this motivated him to use his powers to get revenge on the galaxy, once he became aware of them in his twenties. He gave himself the name Mule, in reference to the sterility of the animals he too was sterile due to his genetics.

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