15 Dragon Ball Fan Theories That Were Actually Confirmed

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Shared April 17, 2019

Crazy Fan Theories That Dragon Ball Actually Confirmed

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There are quite a few unanswered questions in the Dragon Ball franchise. Luckily, the series has an army of fans to come forward and theorize how certain holes in the story are filled, be it how Potara fusion works or why Frieza was so strong. Suffice to say, Dragon Ball has a lot of fan theories attached to it, some of which actually ended up being confirmed by the series itself.

Some examples of this include Akira Toriyama confirming new details about Super Saiyans or how Goku and Frieza’s fight on Namek was moving at hyper speed. In this video, we look at all the times fans’ assumptions, theories and ideas were confirmed in Dragon Ball, be it in one of the shows or by the creator himself. Watch the video at let us know what you think, and if you agree that these theories are actually confirmed or not.


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