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Shared January 30, 2019

Drift, along with his squad of Ragnarok, Huntress, and Noir / DJ Yonder travel from Paradise Palms to Frosty Flights to win the Battle Royale! With a quick stop over at the Viking Ship and Tomato Temple, the crew defeats Ninja, Tomato Head, and Durr Burger and dominates Seasons 5, 6, and 7! DJ Yonder also throws a fortnite concert but not with Marshmello.

With season 8 beginning, what will happen to Sgt. Winter and planes being vaulted? Season 5, Season 6, and Season 7 of Fortnite are parodied in this animation!

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The Squad: Season 2 | Battle Royale Compilation (Fortnite Animation)

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The Squad created by Chris Durgin
Drift- Kyotosomo
Huntress - Chynna Hall
Ragnarok - Mitchell Haerle
Noir/DJ Llama - OriginalDanteYT
Blue Hair Streamer - Stephen Pena
TV Announcer/Caroline/Doctor- Rebekah Amber Clark
Roach- Austin Cook
Tanner- Jonah Rashid
Anya- Marianne Daugherty
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