Fate/Stay Night UBW Abridged - Ep3: Going Going Gorgon


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Genre: Comedy

Family friendly? Yes

Wilson score: 0.9939

Rating: 4.9834 / 5

Engagement: 3.44%

Project Mouthwash

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Shared March 24, 2019

---Mouthwash Studios Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Abridged Ep3---

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Written and Directed by Aaron Robert Parnell, Logan Laidlaw
Edited by Logan Laidlaw
Lip Sync by Aaron Robert Parnell


Kiritsugu Emiya - Logan Laidlaw
Young Shirou Emiya - Lindaya Navarro
Shirou Emiya - Matthew "YamatoSFX" Kok
Rin Tohsaka - Corey Woods
Archer - Logan Laidlaw
Saber - Ariel Hansen
Kazuki Yamashiro - Jesse Inocalla
Ayako Mitsuzuri - Lindsay Navarro
Issei Ryudo - Evan Moyer
Sakura Matou - Carrie "xbubblemunkyx" Johnston
Victem - Mimi Mimoa
Rider - Cassandra Cavalli
Shinji Matou - Kenneth Tynan


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