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Shared October 27, 2018

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, ALL! Here is Caddy's special video for you this 2018. Resident Evil. Resident Evil 1. Not the remake on Gamecube. The original one. On PS1. Help us. ▼ MORE LINKS BELOW ▼

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Resident Evil 1 was first released in March 1996 for the PlayStation, but known as Bio Hazard in Japan. The brainchild of Tokuro Fujiwara (famous for essentially creating survival horror with 'Sweet Home' on the Famicom, or Japanese NES) and Shinji Mikami (who also designed 'Goof Troop' on the SNES, believe it or not) - the game is often lauded as one of the greatest examples of early 3D survival horror games that Caddicarus thinks still holds up massively today. Taking major inspiration from Sweet Home and even the original Alone in the Dark on MSDOS in 1992, Resident Evil streamlined those ideas into a blockbuster easily-accessible game for the console everyone had at the time - and not only kickstarted a HUGE franchise with Resident Evil 7 being released in 2017 as the latest main entry (not including side-content such as Survivor, Outbreak, Revelations and tonnes more) - but the original game itself went on to receive 2 director's cut editions (one with dualshock compatibility and and awful OST), and also got a release on PC, Sega Saturn, Nintendo DS - and THEN got a huge remake on the Nintendo Gamecube, which THEN got a HD remaster for PS4, Xbox One and Steam many years later. This has all happened for a reason - and Caddy will attempt to show you why in this Resident Evil PS1 review!

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