15 Ridiculous Facts That Turned Out to Be True

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Shared November 15, 2017

How to become smarter? How to amaze your friends with your knowledge? The world is full of surprising and unusual things that we don’t even notice. For example, why do pigeons head-bob when walking? What is the closest descendant of T-Rex that still lives? You’re about to find out 15 facts that may seem ridiculous at first, but turn out to be true when you learn more about them.

The Chinese can’t drink milk 0:39
Pigeons «head-bob» to stabilize the picture they see 2:05
1.6% of people can feel pain when they see someone in pain 2:54
When a patient gets a kidney transplant, their kidneys are left where they were 3:59
In Scotland, there is a penguin with an army rank 4:31
In Switzerland, you can’t keep only one Guinea pig as a pet 5:18
Twins can have different fathers 6:03
In Japan, there are crabs that look like an angry face 6:53
People with blue eyes appeared much later then ceramics were invented 7:27
A papercut is more painful than regular cuts 7:58
A bee can sting another bee 8:30
Chicken is the closest descendant of T-Rex 8:56
The amount of hair in the body influences intelligence 9:27
Women also have Adam’s apples 9:56
There is a multicolored river in Colombia 10:15


-Most Asians that can’t drink milk or consume any dairy products. It’s called lactose intolerance.
-Pigeons head-bob with their flexible necks to see your food clearly when they try to steal it.
-The pain is generated by the brain. That’s why some people that can experience real pain when they see someone being hurt.
-In order not to put a patient at a higher risk during kidney transplantation, doctors choose to leave the kidneys.
-One of the penguins at the Edinburgh Zoo was adopted by Norwegian lieutenant Nils Egelien in 1961 and given a military rank.
-There is a law in Switzerland that prohibits you from making Guinea pigs live in solitude.
-Twins can have different fathers, and this phenomenon is called superfecundation.
-Heinegani is a type of crab that has a shell which looks like an angry face.
-Blue color of eyes appeared around 6000 to 10000 years ago due to a genetic mutation. Originally, all people had brown eyes.
-Paper cuts are usually not very deep, that’s why there is either very little blood or no blood at all. This leaves the nerve endings open to be disturbed by the air.
-If an outsider bee tries to get inside a hive, special guardian bees release pheromones while other bees attack the intruder.
-The closest descendant of this dinosaur is a chicken. Scientists compared the proteins inside the bones of both species and found a lot of similarities.
-Basically, if you have a lot of hair on your chest, you are more likely to be smart.
-Women also have Adam’s apples, but they are less prominent due to the smaller amount of male hormones in the female body.
-Caño Cristales is often called the most beautiful river in the world. From July to November, the river is multicolored.

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