Exploring TheC64 "Maxi" Full-Size Commodore 64 Replica

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8-Bit Show And Tell

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Shared December 22, 2019

We take a deep look at the new TheC64 full-size: how is it for programming in BASIC and assembly language, how does the keyboard and case compare to a real C64, and how is that new joystick for playing games? We'll also look at a couple workarounds and hacks, and deal with some of the (minor) controversies about the product. Also, we look at the new Christmas-themed shoot-em'up, Santron, by Sarah Jane Avory. And Santa himself makes a strange appearance at the very end.

Santron: https://sarahjaneavory.itch.io/santron
Patreon: https://patreon.com/8BitShowAndTell
Full manual: https://retrogames.biz/thec64/support...
Turbo Macro Pro: http://turbo.style64.org/docs/table-o...
Minimal TMP: https://8BitShowAndTell.com/prg/tmp.d64
Blank D64: https://8BitShowAndTell.com/prg/blank...
Blank D71: https://8BitShowAndTell.com/prg/blank...
Blank D81: https://8BitShowAndTell.com/prg/blank...
File to enable REU hack in TheC64: https://8BitShowAndTell.com/prg/snaps...

0:00 Intro and disclaimer about my involvement in TheC64 and C64DTV
2:25 Comparing with real breadboxes - colour, size, ports, weight!
5:50 Comparing the keyboards
9:15 Improvements over TheC64 Mini
10:33 Power it up and configuration 50 Hz vs. 60 Hz - important!
13:30 Carousel mode
14:05 Impossible Mission - The Pitch Controversy & Workaround
16:15 Display mode
17:40 Device Settings
19:26 Classic Mode - BASIC programming
22:52 Using TheC64 without a joystick - keyboard controls
24:56 Assembly language programming with Turbo Macro Pro
26:40 Virtual Super Snapshot cartridge
29:28 I want a reset button please
31:36 REU hack
35:10 Would I use this instead of a real C64?
37:00 Playing Santron - new Christmas-themed shooter!
41:36 Thanks to my Patrons