Emilia Clarke Almost Lost Her Life To Brain Aneurysms During Game Of Thrones Filming

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Shared March 22, 2019

Emilia Clarke Hid Secret Brain Aneurysms During Game Of Thrones Filming That Nearly Took Her Life
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Emilia Clarke hugely rose to fame when she appeared in Game of Thrones, and while everyone was excited about this rising star and what the next episode of the series would bring, Emilia was going through the hardest time of her life! Little did the world know the struggles she was actually going through but she’s finally decided to open up, and tell the world about her health journey.

Emilia revealed the shocking details about how she nearly died, and not only that, how while she was filming game of thrones all she could think about at times was how she thought she was going to die. This poor girl went through so much at so young just while her career was taking off and she should be excited about premieres and awards shows, and being recognised for her talent, she was actually going through some of the hardest times someone could go through.

She shared her story In an essay entitled "A Battle for My Life," published on The New Yorker's website
revealing that she almost passed away, just when all her childhood dreams seemed to have come true.

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