Different Diagrams for the Same Chord with Chord Tagging

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Shared August 15, 2016

Chord charts are great for singing lyrics and the basic chord structure of a song. OnSong has the capability to show you chord diagrams so you can play these chords. But how you play a chord makes a difference with how the song sounds and easily transitioning between multiple chords. Wouldn't it be great to get a different diagram depending on where you are at in the song?

In this video tutorial, Jason shows you how to tag chords in the song editor so that you can assign different chord diagrams based on where you are in the song. Combined with a customizable chord diagram library, this is a powerful tool for any songwriter.

For more details about writing songs with chords and creating custom chord diagrams, be sure to watch: http://onsongapp.com/videos/tutorials...

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Music by Michael Hoover