I’d Rather Be Lonely - Original Song

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Genre: Entertainment

Family friendly? Yes

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Rating: 4.9911 / 5

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Abbey Glover

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Shared March 10, 2019

Lyrics + chords :

Stop wait a minute Dm
I’m not sure

What I’m doing F
And I don’t wanna say C. G
Something I’ll regret
Kiss me in the evening Dm
But leave in the evening F. C. G
My heart isn’t something that you’ll get

Life’s my game Am
I play and I don’t get played G
But you’re making me feel some sort C F
Feel some sort of way F
I was cold as ice Am
But you’re making me feel so warm and nice G
You feel like sun rays hitting my skin C. F
On a summers day F (Dm second time)
(But the risk isn’t worth it Am
Rather be lonely than hurting x2)

Stop pause keep on going
My hearts overflowing
But I don’t want you knowing
About how you’re making me feel
Is it really worth it
If I give you my heart you’d only break it
Surely true loves only in movies
And it’s not real

But when you kiss my lips
Forget I’m playing Am
I want you, I want this x3