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Shared November 25, 2018

Title says it all.
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I know this is kind of late.. okay.. SUPER late for a 2 million subscriber milestone video, but I have a good reason for it. I really wanted to make this video into something that was original and different from the regular "Best of" milestone videos you may have seen on my channel before. 2 million subscribers, in my opionion, is just as important as hitting 1 million subscribers because you're literally doubling that number. This of course being the reason I was lead to do something innoivative and new for this milestone. I wanted to think outside of the box and do something I believe no one has done before in the YouTube gaming atmosphere.
This obviously took me a VERY long time to put together as I had to pretty much go through EVERY video on my channel. I'm not kidding. Not all of my videos made the cut though as you'll find if you do the math. This is simply because A LOT of my earlier content on my channel was just silent gameplay and didn't really fit the style I was going for. Hence the name of the video being, "One second of nearly EVERY video on my channel". "Nearly" being the keyword.
Regardless, I hope you all enjoy the outcome as much as I do. This was a blast to work on even knowing how long it took to complete. If you did enjoy it make sure to leave a like and leave a comment telling me what you thought! Thanks again for all of the support! :)