Dunkey is a Bad Critic

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Animal Jayson

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Shared July 25, 2018

edit 7/29/19: hi guys
Bad Octopath Traveler review resurrects dead youtube amateur from the grave so he can berate one of his favorite content creators for 20 minutes straight.
PART 2: https://youtu.be/dKMDlu2LAmg

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Two things of note that couldn't fit in the video for various reasons:
1. I've heard a lot of people saying Dunkey's been deleting critical comments on the Octopath video. I can say for myself, I saw a lot of highly-rated, critical comments when the video was newer, but I can't find them at all anymore. I can't prove it definitively though, so I didn't include it in the video.
2. I just don't comprehend how Dunkey has praised Persona 5 despite everything he says in this video and about JRPGs in general. Everything that is true of your average JRPG is true of Persona 5, especially the awkward localized dialogue. But, he's spoken too little about it and what he's said is too vague for me to make it into a point in the video. It'd probably just end up with me shitflinging about Persona, which I do enough in my personal life. Also, "Pokemon meets Inception" was just an awful line.

1. "Dirty Deal," Pyre soundtrack
2. "Coasting," Transistor soundtrack
3. "Glorious Tradition," Pyre soundtrack
4. "Muladhara," Digital Devil Saga soundtrack
5. "Thrash Pack," Pyre soundtrack
6. "To the Stars," Pyre soundtrack
7. "Snake Soul," Pyre soundtrack
8. "The Old Ways," Pyre soundtrack
9. "Palmtree Panic (Good Future)," Sonic CD soundtrack