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Shared July 28, 2017

Hi guys, it's a sappy sad story that I'm about to tell. When I read and heard about Van Gogh's story, I thought it was worth sharing. Vincent Van Gogh's art style is definitely strange and hard to appreciate, but the story of his ear and the meaning it entails is both amazing and beautiful.

Many people thought Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear to give to a prostitute, but new archeological investigation showed that it was given to a maid that worked at brothel named Gabrielle (Rachael was apparently a nickname). I personally dislike it when people take a random point about a person and judge everything about them - I believe Vincent Van Gogh is a victim of this type of judgment. Although he is not a regular man, he wasn't a type to harm himself without reason. He was not a lunatic that cut off his ear for a prostitute, he was a man that cut off his ear because he was hyper-empathetic towards the woman he loved.

Ah, I'm sort of cringing by this video since it's too sappy and... blaggh! Never again
Apparently Vincent Van Gogh was in Doctor Who show where he got to see the art in the museum... That was awesome. Another movie came out about Vincent, which was spectacular as well

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