Sonic Shorts Volume 8 Widescreen Edition

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Shared May 9, 2016

Volume 8 was already in HD, but now it's in proper widescreen. Only 3 shorts were stretched due to Toon Boom & Flash having limits, the rest are in a proper aspect ratio. We also fixed a few animation bugs.

The volume took awhile to make compared to the other entries. Some of these shorts were actually meant for volume 6 but due to flash constraints we had to move them to 8; so you may have seen 1 or 2 shorts already via one of our animators webpages. I would like to thank all the animators, voice actors, and musicians for doing a splendid job on their parts. Each short turned out great.

We are looking for animators who would like to join in the Sega Shorts Collab. Check out the Sonic Paradox website if you want to join! The Sonic Shorts series isn't over yet but we'll be taking a long break from it. Besides you'll see some Sonic shorts in Sega Shorts so its not like they are not going to be around. :)

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