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Doug Gregory

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Shared September 26, 2013


Quick demo using the Tasker plugins AutoVera and AutoNotification to build a live-updating UI that shows the current status of lights.

The image is set based on the status of variables assigned to the values of each of the lights through an AutoVera Status Update condition. Each touch zone sends a toggle action through an Autovera Device action.

The notification is built using AutoNotification with three action items, one for each light. The image is again changed based on the current values of the lights.

These scenarios work both locally and remotely, and will update so long as you have an active internet connection.

AutoVera is plugin for Tasker that enables two-way communication between your Android device and your MiCasaVerde Vera home controller. It is currently in Beta.

AutoNotification allows you to create rich custom notifications, as well as intercept notifications and use their values across Tasker. Some features require Android 4.3.

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