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Shared July 7, 2015

Once One Of The Great Airframes in GA History, Can Mooney Make It Happen Again?

The new proposed Mooney M10 series of airplanes are just getting started, and ANN CEO and Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell, decided to find out more about it at Sun ‘n Fun 2015. While there, he met with Tom Bowen, the chief operating officer for Mooney International.

Mooney is back, and Bowen says things are going well. Since the company is making a new beginning, they kicked it off by coming out with a completely new and different design in the M10 airplane. In this video, you’ll hear Bowen explain the importance of building products sales by building customer acceptance of the product. The M10 series of Mooney is primarily designed as a trainer airplane that “hooks” the customer on the Mooney products.

The airplane is of composite construction and uses a diesel engine. Its seating configuration is a true 2+1 which is ideal in training because it allows for a ride-along student. The aircraft you see in the video is a mockup, but it is constructed from production tooling. Bowen goes on to explain the timeframe expected to see the airplane in actual production and on the market.

This video provides a perfect opportunity to see what’s in the future for Mooney Aircraft international.

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