Celebrities Who Were Outraged By Animated Versions Of Themselves

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Shared November 10, 2019

These Actors And Celebrities Were Not Impressed With Their Animated Selves..
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Thanks to the good ol’ first amendment and free speech, animated shows have the ability to parody just about anyone and anything. From South Park to the Simpsons, we’ve seen all types of celebrity parodies over the years -- some a little more harsh than others. Kanye West has had a long career with some outlandish moments in the media and South Park aimed to capture all of this with the 2009 episode “Fishsticks”. In the episode, a corny joke about fish sticks goes viral and everyone in America thinks the joke is funny -- everyone but Kayne West. Over the years, Family Guy has tackled everything from C-list celebs to politicians. So when show creator Seth MacFarlane decided to do an AMA on Reddit, fans pounced at the chance to ask him about his celebrity encounters over the years. The response for the worst reaction to his show came from actor Adrian Bordy. If you think celebrity lawsuits and threats against animated companies are something new -- think again. Way back in the 1930s, Warner Bros. released two cartoons: Bingo Crosbyana and Let It Be Me. Both cartoons featured a carticture of the singer Bing Crosby, first showing him as a fly in Bingo Crosbyana and then a rooster in Let It Be Me.

Of course, we would all love to know what the actual celebrities think of these portrayals and some of them were pretty much outraged! From lawsuits being filed to some angry rants, check out celebrities like JLo and Tom Cruise who couldn’t stand their animated counterparts.

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Jimothy Snooker

Kanye would probably try to sue somebody for doing an impression of him at their home.

4 months ago | [YT] | 4,537


The fact that Kanye actually react the same way his character reacts proves to me that they were right on picking him.

4 months ago (edited) | [YT] | 6,957

Brandon Withnell

i just love how southpark doubles down instead of backing off when a celebrity complains

2 months ago | [YT] | 233


Far as I know, the Dog Whisperer guy was the only one who enjoyed being parodied on South Park. Even more he was impressed cuz they got his character and techniques spot on.

1 month ago | [YT] | 111

Blake Berry

These people are so ungrateful, they were parodied on South Park.

2 months ago | [YT] | 301

Steven Bell

"Especially for children" I love when people assume animation that airs at like 11pm is for children. Personal responsibility.

4 months ago | [YT] | 189

Nasexsav Kifs

If I was ever parodied on South Park, I would feel honoured.

4 months ago | [YT] | 1,572

Jon O'Neill

The best South Park moment was when the called Tom cruise a fudge packer and had him working in a packing factory 😂😂

2 months ago | [YT] | 104

William Duhamel

When they killed Bill Murray in the movie “Zombieland” he mentioned his regret of Garfield in his final words before dying.

3 months ago | [YT] | 329


Cartoons that piss off celebrities: exists

South Park: hold my beer

2 months ago | [YT] | 160

Guy Pursin

South Park destroyed Paris Hilton and Mel Gibson as well.

2 months ago | [YT] | 59


Kanye in South Park: Shut up! I am not a gay fish!
Kanye in real life after seeing the episode: Shut up! I am not a gay fish!

4 months ago | [YT] | 1,608

Ash Myers

Ahhh 'Celebrity Deathmatch'. That takes me back..😂

1 month ago | [YT] | 22


I love that the only pic we see of Parker and Stone is them on LSD at the Oscars.

4 months ago | [YT] | 107


South Park was “merciless” to Tom Cruise. Not “mercyful.”

4 months ago | [YT] | 285

Rolando Mota

So Tom Cruise really is in the closet.

4 months ago | [YT] | 95


I’d love to have seen Saddam Hussein’s reaction to the South Park movie

4 months ago | [YT] | 1,823


If I was the animated version of Kanye I'd be outraged that a real version of me existed.

2 months ago | [YT] | 48

Daniel Kreiss

"This whole list could be made up of South Park appearances" Aint that the truth!! Thank You, South Park, for showing the mirror to Hollywood!!

2 months ago | [YT] | 13


What I've learnt: many American celebrities are litigious, fragile egomaniacs

2 months ago | [YT] | 22