"It's Because I'm Black, Right?!"

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Real World Police

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Shared February 19, 2019

It doesn't take long to discover that I like to present information and footage that challenges popular assumptions. Well, lest the title mislead you this video is not intended to challenge assumptions about race. Rather, it's meant to underscore a different point I made recently. Some people didn't like it, but that made it no less true:

At no point during a traffic stop is the person who has been stopped legally entitled to know the officer's reason for the stop. A reason must exist and the officer may be required to defend the stop in court, but when officers explain why someone has been stopped it's not because they have to.

One or two comments in response went so far as to say that 'no officer is getting my ID until they tell me why they pulled me over.' That. Is. A. Bad. Idea.

Anyway, in discussing the matter I mentioned that most police officers are in fact trained to positively identify the subject of a traffic stop BEFORE providing the reason for the stop. I explained that the officer wants to know who they are dealing with in case that person decides to run, and added that people are more likely to stop cooperating and challenge an officer once they know what they have been accused of.

This video provides some confirmation of my latter point. So hit play and take it in ---- along with a very unreasonable and mildly entertaining woman.