What Caused The Mist to Appear - Arrowhead Project Explained

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Shared June 27, 2017

What is the Mist, What caused the mist ot arrive in town and why?

Arrowhead Project Explained.

In this video Im gonna talk about a new tv series the mist which is based on a famous Stephen King's novel with the same name. The series stars with An unexplained mist slowly envelopping the city of Bridgton in Maine, creating an almost impenetrable barrier to visibility. It never explicitly stated in the series or the film what caused the mist to appear in the first place. So in the video, I'll answer this question and also explain what is the Arrowhead project and how it can be linked to the Dark Tower novel.

To fully understand what caused the mist to appear, you should know what is the arrowhead project. The Mist TV show opens with a soldier named Bryan lost in the woods, running from something that killed his dog in the mist. The soldier's outfit that Bryan wears indicates that the character is related The secret Arrowhead Project and probably worked on it prior to the mist.

Theories and evidence throughout the novella and the film suggest that the Mist is an alternate dimension which poured into our own when The Arrowhead Project went awry. This theory is supported by the fact that the Mist originated in Shaymore (which is where the Arrowhead Project took place) and there was a large amount of police and military forces heading towards Shaymore at the time when the mist appeared.

Though it was never made certain in either the novella or the finished film whether or not the Arrowhead Project truly released the Mist and its creatures into our universe. Fortunately, the original script for 2007 film included a prologue scene

where the scientists and military at the Arrowhead Project base successfully opened a portal to another dimension inside a tank. This deleted scnene may even link this experiment to The Shop, a secret organisation who appears in a number of Stephen King novels.

Basicaly On July 17th, 1980 in the novella, and presumably in 2007 in the film, the experiment named the Arrowhead Project went wrong (possibly due to damage from the Storm), and is believed to have released the Mist into our world.

Lightning from the Storm struck the base, causing the portal to begin to expand and the Mist and the creatures began to pour through. Despite the Arrowhead Project personnel's attempts to close the portal, the creatures broke out of the tank which the portal was contained in, allowing the Mist to flood into the base and then presumably begin to spread across the country.

The Arrowhead project was trying to achieve interdimensional travel. Unfortunately they created a tiny fissure into Todash space (the dimensionless nothingness in between universes. The mist and the creatures in it came through this thinny.

The Mist is inhabited by a large number of species, all of which hunt on the basis of Smell (as the Mist makes sight almost useless to them), but some of which can also be attracted to light. Most, but not all of the creatures are only active at night.

It can hardly be a coincidence that the police and military began to head towards Shaymore almost immediately after the mist arrived. Someone from The Arrowhead Project must have alerted the authorities as soon as all hell broke loose and these services were on their way to try and contain it. Perhaps these agents were also members of the aforementioned Shop, although that remains to be determined.

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