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Shared November 3, 2017

Who and what was Shelob? Was she a mere spider.. or something more? Where did she come from, and what happened to her? Could she shapeshift as suggested in Shadow of War? What connections did she have with her Mother Ungoliant, the Enigma of the Void. These questions and more are explored, as we delve into the lore and history of Shelob, the great Spider of Cirith Ungol.

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In this series, we explore the history of places in Middle-Earth, Characters or events that took place.
The information is presented in an orderly easy to understand way so that it is friendly to people that are new to the Lord of the Rings Lore and Mythos.

If I feature any of your artwork during this video, please drop a message or a comment and I can link your page in the description of my videos!

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