How to make a Stereo Audio Recording using two mobile phones Part 01

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Mike Downes

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Shared June 11, 2018

This is Part one, Part Two to follow. Listening to a stereo recording brings what you listen to alive as it's not a 'flat sound'. Stereo allows a different audio to reach your left or right ear - just like in real life.

This video is designed for anyone and everyone. If you can already record and edit advanced audio, then chances are you will learn nothing in this video. Yet, if you are keen to learn and play around with sound, and want to save the 100 dollars on a stereo mic you may never use, then have a watch and learn something..

In Part Two - i will look at the settings in audacity from start to finish. And compare a flat Mono to a deeper Stereo.

*apologies for some annoying buzzing on audio - i was using OBS Studio as stereo tracks, and opening and closing mics on the fly...
just screen recording this way saves so much time versus a making proper post edit video ...

RecForge II Pro - Audio Recorder

i make video lessons to help people learn 夢 to dream to aspire . i am a teacher
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