"What Makes Decentralisation Hard? And How Do We Overcome This?" - Martin Krafft (LCA 2020)

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Shared January 15, 2020

Martin Krafft


Peer-to-peer technology has been around for decades, and has significantly shaped the file-sharing industry, much to the dismay of the media conglomerates. It wasn't until recent years, however, that the underlying concepts have entered other domains, such as communication tools, and storage. And of course: blockchain. And yet, despite the availability of technically sound and fully functional projects, widespread adoption is nowhere near.

Drawing on his experience from working with digital identity startups, Matrix, Scuttlebutt, microblogging protocols (GNU social, Mastodon), and various blockchain projects, Martin takes a shot at identifying the reasons why the uptake is so slow. Using findings from his PhD research on the adoption behaviour of Debian developers with respect to version control systems and packaging techniques, he furthermore concludes with a number of suggestions that might help in taking projects beyond the early adopter phase.

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Wed Jan 15 13:30:00 2020 at Room 6