This Is How Disney Princesses Should Have Really Looked

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Shared February 28, 2018

Disney Princesses Reimagined In Real Life.
We all love the Disney princesses. How could you not? We watched their films so many times, that their images are practically ingrained in our brains. But what if the way they are animated in the Disney films isn’t how they actually should have looked? This is How Disney Princesses Should Have Really Looked.

Jasmine is one of the prettiest Disney princesses around. But her outfit was extremely inaccurate. For a girl who lived in an Arabic speaking country in such a conservative time, her outfit would have been completely different. She would not have been showing her tummy at all like she did in the film. Her head probably also would have been covered so we would have never seen her long, black hair.

Whether it’s Ariel, Cinderella, Rapunzel, or Mulan, there are a lot of inconsistencies with these princesses’ looks. Stay tuned to This is How Disney Princesses Should Have Really Looked to see why Snow White’s hair should have been totally different!
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