Master-slave JK flip-flop

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Ben Eater

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Shared January 19, 2017

An effective solution to the "racing" problem described in my previous video ( is the master-slave JK flip-flop which comprises two SR latches. In this video I explain how it works, build, and test it.

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You can get all the components used in this video from any online electronic components distributor (Jameco, Digikey, Mouser, etc).

Complete parts list (everything in this video):
- 1x 74LS02 (Quad 2-input NOR gate)
- 1x 74LS11 (Triple 3-input AND gate)
- 1x 74LS08 (Quad 2-input AND gate)
- 1x 74LS04 (Hex inverter)
- 4x LEDs
- 2x Momentary "Microtivity 6mm tact switch"
- 2x 1KΩ resistors
- 22 gauge wire
- 5 volt power source (e.g., a USB phone charger)
- Clock circuit from