-0B3Y- [meme] (10K SUB SPECIAL) (warning zeisure and loud)

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Alexia Bobadilla

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Shared January 23, 2019

im too sleepy to keep screaming but thxsm to everybody :3

heres the story: plexi has a intense power when someone controls him so one day he was captured in a cristal ball by an evil being, he used plexi's powers for years... plexi had to obey him and that made him a little crazy
(no, but not that crazy that starts killing people -_-) plexi couldn't take it anymore so plexi can teleport to any place but not if he is inside with the crystal ball... BUT he can teleport WITH the CRYSTAL BALL to any place... so he teleported to space with the crystal ball (not intentionally) so he spend some weeks until he
noticed se was geting closer to a planet... time passed until he was falling like a meteorite, then he crashed and the crystal ball broke into pieces and plexi was free (of course he got to his normal zise)
but now he has a problem... that evil thing can came to the planet to search for plexi and now he is doing evil things with inocent creatures and plexi doesen't know how to help

original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWlrJ...
oc: plexi
time: 1/2 days (rlly?)
fps: 25 (wtf)
animated: adobe flash professional CS6