Without You - Original Song

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Genre: Music

Family friendly? Yes

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Rating: 4.987 / 5

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Abbey Glover

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Shared September 6, 2019

Lyrics :

Hey it’s only me again
I’ve been wondering how you’ve been
And I know you want me to stop calling
This will be the last message I leave
I was told you fell in love
I hope you’re happy
I mean it with my whole heart
Even though I wish you were still in love with me

Is she prettier than me
In the morning when she wakes
Maybe she’s less annoying and demanding
Than I was most days
But you know how much I cared for you
There was nothing that I wouldn’t do
And when I said I meant it with my whole heart
I lied my hearts not whole it’s falling apart
Without you

Some days I put my makeup on
And dress myself pretty
Then I forget you’re not coming home
Oh silly silly me
You know I’ve always been forgetful
But now I’m losing my mind
Without you life doesn’t seem as beautiful
I’m just floating watching time go by


Time heals everything
But how long is time
Because I’ve been sat here for what feels like forever
Slowly watching time go by

Chorus x2