Radar & Laser Detectors: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!

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Shared January 30, 2019

After working on Alex Roy's Record Breaking M5, I wanted to learn more about how Radar and Laser detectors work and if they are legal in my state. Likewise, I wanted to understand what laser shifters do and how they work before deciding if they were right for me. Here is what I uncovered during my research and while filming the step by step installation process at AI design. Please note: Obviously, I'm not a legal expert, but the information in the video is a combination of what I've read online and gathered through various manufacturer "questions" emails. I chose the Escort CI 360 complete detection system for the R8, as it is the latest defense system made for vehicles today and is legal in my state. Hope you enjoy! -L

For technical installation questions, please contact AI Design: www.aidesign.com

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