25 Small Details You Missed In Hustlers

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Shared October 7, 2019

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Based on a true story, Hustlers gives audiences a look at the lengths characters go to make a better world for themselves. This thrilling heist, action dramedy is getting lauded for it’s female ensemble. Starring as Ramona and Destiny respectively, Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu have become critical darlings thanks to their enduring turns as co-conspiring exotic dancers who mastermind a scam for the ages. Supported by an all-star cast, featuring Cardi B, Lizzo, Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart and Julia Stiles, Hustlers is a movie about strippers looking to improve their quality of life in the time leading up to the Great Recession of 2008. So, join ScreenRant as we celebrate the success of this wild movie, and go through these 25 facts you might not have known about Hustlers.

We’ll go over what it took to recreate the fashions of the late aughts, we’ll look at several special qualities of the main cast that made them perfect for these roles, and we’ll look at the choices that went into hiring the film’s director. Whether it’s the thoughts of the writer of that original article on which the film is based or it’s the opinions of real-life exotic dancers, everyone’s giving their two-cents on this hit film. With a catchy soundtrack, a couple of Easter eggs, some off screen drama, real personalities who inspired the onscreen characters, and a cameo from Usher, there’s something for everyone in Hustlers. So sit back and let these 25 facts blow your mind!

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