How Can The Winds of Winter fit into The Winds of Winter?

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Shared November 8, 2018

The Winds of Winter: Targeted for a 1,500 manuscript page book - but is 1,500 enough? How can TWOW fit into such a book? Are there significant problems in making that a reality? Is it possible? What would it take? Find it all inside.

Special thanks to a few people:

Bookshelfstud for pointing out in a MaesterMonthly video about the "GRRM killed the parents" thing.

BryndenBFish for morale support and attempts at helping, also The Ultimate TWOW Resource: https://warsandpoliticsoficeandfire.w...

Maps used were from The Lands of Ice and Fire & A World of Ice and Fire App, which you can find more about and where to buy it on GRRM's Website:

TWOW Cover is Fan Art done by /u/FeroxDeoVacuusVinco about Six Years ago. Since then almost everyone (even GRRM) has used it as a placeholder cover. Major props to Ferox.