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Shared April 18, 2019

Hi everyone,👋😊 this is my first video on this channel, I hope you'll support this video and my channel❤️✨ *´꒳`*
BTS Speaking English. So, I tried to compile fun moments when BTS spoke in English. Clips are mostly from the newest interviews {from Fake Love 💔 till Boy With Luv 🤟 era's} I tried really hard to make this video entertaining, so it took me quite a lot of time, but it was all worth it ︶▽︶ #BTS #BoyWithLuv #BTSEnglish
Of course, I by any means am not trying to mock BTS by making this video. NO! It's just for entertainment purposes, so please understand that I'm not making fun of their English skills. ∩︵∩
Anyways, I really do hope that some ARMYs will come across this video and will enjoy this, as I really tried hard =゚ω゚ So for those few that are watching this video or reading this, I really really appreciate your support and I would be glad if you subscribed, because I'll try to upload once a week-ish, so you can keep an eye on me. I think mostly my videos will be about BTS and kpop, but who knows? Only time will tell.. (⑅˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈ )
And as always,
❌ I do NOT own any of these clips and songs except the editing
❌ All credit goes to the rightful owners
❌No copyright infringement intended
⛔️Do not reupload this video (or some parts of this video) on Youtube or ant other video platform :)
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Bye, bye! ʢᵕᴗᵕʡ