Kids Zone App Lock - Protects Parent's Devices & Motivates Kids to do Chores!

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Shared August 24, 2013

Kids Zone App Lock is a free parental control app from the Google Play Store:

A shorter version of this parental control video is available here:

This video briefly demonstrates how Kids Zone's parental controls restrict your child to the apps you pick for their profile. See just how easy it is to lock your device and gain the peace of mind that your child isn't making in-app purchases, phone calls, texts, etc!

Kids Zone is the only parental lock that features Chore Mode. Chore Mode completely secures the device after a certain time limit you set passes. Once kids complete their chores, the PIN can be entered and Kids Zone will resume. Chore Mode is a great way to motivate kids to do chores!

Kids Zone app lock offers many more great parental control features, please visit the Google Play app page to review all the child lock offers: