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Ben Eater

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Shared February 24, 2016

Building on the SR latch from the previous video (https://youtu.be/KM0DdEaY5sY), the D latch makes it easier to store a single bit of data.

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You can get all the components used in this video from any online electronic components distributor for a few dollars.

Complete parts list (everything in this video):
4x 74LS02 (Quad two-input NOR gate)
2x 74LS08 (Quad two-input AND gate)
8x 330Ω resistor
1x 1kΩ resistor
8x Momentary "Microtivity 6mm tact switch"
9x LEDs
Solderless breadboard(s)
22 gauge wire
USB charger and cable or some other 5v power source