Super Best Sisters Play - Shadow The Hedgehog

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Shared July 25, 2018

Everybody is a horse now!
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Matt -
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3D Alien Renders - by Nibroc-Rock

Robotnik Sprite - Ripped by Mr.C


Shadow The Hedgehog Soundtrack
I Am... All of Me
Event: Eclipse Cannon
Event: Hidden Memories
Event: The Real Truth - Super Shadow
Never Turn Back
Sonic Adventure 2 Soundtrack - Vengeance Is Mine ...For Radical Highway
Sonic Forces Soundtrack - Theme of Infinite
Sonic 3 Soundtrack - Data Select
Evangelion Soundtrack - Angel Attack
Rage Against the Machine - Pistol Grip Pump
N.W.A – Fuck tha Police


Sonic 2 SFX - Ripped by Mr Lange
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle SFX - Ripped by Piplupfan77
Sonic Heroes SFX - Ripped by MilesTailsPrower
Shadow the Hedgehog/Sonic Heroes Character Voices - Ripped by Chaofanatic
Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing SFX - Ripped by Random Talking Bush
FlatOut SFX - Ripped by YAGTAM

3D Models:

Shadow - Ripped by agrs700
Chaos 0 - Ripped by Hallow
Metal Sonic - Ripped by iChibi
Chao - Ripped by OSA413
Sonic Forces and Lost World Models - Ripped by Random Talking Bush
Sonic Heroes Models - Ripped by Sonic Konga
Sonic the Fighters Models - Ripped by SonikkuForever

Rouge Fan Art:

balloon rouge enjoys her sub - by joe-Anthro
Isaiah 41:10 - by ??? -
Old vs New Rouge the Bat - by HyperSupremoSayajinGod -
Rouge The Bat Head Inflation - by mr_oma -
gem obsession rouge - by foxbeast -
strechy rouge? - by cristalarual - https://rouge-fan-artists.deviantart....
sparkly sonicXrouge - by ??? -
Bat-face the Rouge - by tysonhesse -

Knuckles Sniffs out the Bat Baps - (I love you Plague! Sorry for butchering your work!)