Pure OCD/Intrusive Sexual Obsessions: It's not as Pure as it Sounds. - Chrissie Hodges

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Ignite Denver

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Shared August 9, 2016

Chrissie Hodges Welcome to the dark side of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. There are many forms of OCD, and one in particular is rarely talked about openly due to the shame and embarrassment surrounding the nature of the obsessions. I live with Pure O/Sexual and Violent Intrusive thoughts. As an advocate for mental health and OCD, I use humor and storytelling to help audiences grasp the severity and torment of this crippling disorder in a society where every other person claims they are 'so OCD' in one capacity or another. My talk will include my personal journey with Pure O as well as information on OCD and how to walk the road to recovery. I often say Pure O is like the dirty little secret of the OCD world, however it is one of the most common yet silent types of the disorder.

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