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Abbey Glover

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Shared November 5, 2019

Just before I add the lyrics I want to thank each and everyone of you for making this comment section and family such a wonderful and safe place for people to talk about their feelings EVEN when we are growing so fast !
When I’m feeling down I read all of your comments and you give me faith in humanity. So thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for being such kind and unique humans and being a part of this amazing family. I wish I had the courage to tour but anxiety hits hard, I’m working on it and maybe one day I’ll be able to do a concert again ! I love you all and I hope that even if you don’t have a friend to send this too you can take it as a gift to yourself if you are feeling down ( kinda like ME sending it to YOU ) ♥️

Lyrics: tbh chords are a mix of C Am F G my sunrays x

Today you might not feel okay
And yesterday you might’ve felt the same
And you might feel like you’ll feel this way every day
But admire the sun as it kisses your skin
And watch the rain wash away all the pain your feeling
Wake up early one day and try to see things new
And do all the things that you love to do

You might not feel beautiful right now
And I’d get it in your head that you are
If I new how
Because you always look pretty to me
Cry if you like let it all out
Put your favorite music on and dance around
And remember it’s okay to ask for help if you need to

Maybe you feel like the worlds messing with you
Like it’s being mean and it’s always testing you
But switch things around start testing the world
Go out face it with a smile

Do you have trouble sleeping at night
Because of all the things you have on your mind ?
Come over here let me dry your eyes
Or let me sing you to sleep with some lullabies