GoPro Hero 3+ App: View Finder, Playback and Remote Control From Your Phone! (Android and iPhone)

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Shared November 23, 2013

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I was blown away by how freakin awesome the GoPro mobile app was! I used it on my Android Motorolla Razr but it works on all Androids and the iPhone. The thing I liked the most about it was the view finder because you can actually see what you will be filming and how the camera is set up before you do any shooting. This means you can make adjustments to ensure you capture exactly what you want before you shoot.

Besides that, you can record and stop the filming all from your phone which is cool if you are filming by yourself or from another room! If you have messed around with a GoPro then you know how annoying it can be to have to change the setting and go through all those buttons. But, with the GoPro app you can change the settings in just a few swipes because they have an entire page with all the settings in the app.

Lastly, you can play back all your record videos. This playback function is awesome because you can look at your footage right after filming. The GoPro by itself wouldn't have a lot of the normal functions of a typical video camera like the view finder screen and playback but the mobile app solves both those problems.

The GoPro actually puts out a wifi signal and your phone will hook up to that wifi signal which means you can be in the middle of nowhere and still use the app with your phone. You don't need a separate wifi signal. The only problem is that filming with wifi on will drain the battery pretty quickly so I would suggest bringing an extra battery or two.

GoPro Hero 3+ App