Can You Beat Borderlands Without Using A Shield?

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Shared April 14, 2019

The Borderlands series is similar to Fallout, and many other RPGs, in that there are a ton of different ways to play the game: you can use different classes, you can stick to a single type of weapon, you can only use weapons from a single manufacturer. But there is one challenge that’s… different as it removes an important part of the game. Can You Beat Borderlands Without Using A Shield?

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Can You Beat Borderlands Without Using A Shield? (in text form)


The first decision we need to make is what class to play as. Lilith is almost universally considered overpowered, but to be honest I never really liked playing as a Siren. Without a shield, health regeneration is crucial, which is why I chose Mordecai. After getting off the bus, I followed Claptrap, changed my colors to blue and yellow, and got into combat for the first time. While I only have 100 health to begin with, it’s not uncommon for enemies to drop health vials, so getting through the Bandits and entering Firestone wasn’t difficult at all.

Then I rescued Claptrap, killed a few dogs, and got the Medical Vending machine back online. Something happened here that occurs a few times throughout this run. If you don’t have a shield and you buy one or pick one up, it will automatically become equipped. Right now, it’s easy to un-equip it before it has a chance to recharge, but in the heat of battle it’s not so easy.

After killing a few Bandits and meeting T.K. Baha, I found Baha’s stolen food, bought a few grenades, and was off to Skag Gully to kill Nine-Toes. Not long after entering Skag Gully, I leveled up to level 5 and could finally send my combat parrot out to strike down my foes. I fought my way through more skags and bandits until I reached Nine-Toes, who died in about 5 seconds. I went down for the first time fighting one of his puppies, killed the second one rather quickly, and it was time to spend my 2nd skill point, also known as the first skill point to actually matter. The skill I’m after is Riotous Remedy, which regenerates up to 3% of your health per level over the course of 7 seconds. But 5 points must be put into the Gunslinger skill tree first, so I opted for the Deadly skill, because more critical hit damage is always a good thing.

Back in Firestone, I tried to take out Bone Head even though he was 6 levels higher than me. It went about as badly as you could have guessed. I needed to level up a bit before I took on Bone Head again, so I went back to Skag Gully to do a few side quests. Collecting the 8 Bladeflower Seeds was the hardest part of this run thus far, primarily because fighting multiple high-level Skags at once is not the easiest thing in the world. I found that sitting back and sniping everyone I could was the best way to go about this. Who’d have thought that the best way to not take damage was to not take damage. Show of hands, who saw that coming? Alright put your hands down, you weirdos.

With the seeds in my pants, I killed Scar to retrieve TK Baha’s leg, found the 2nd Data Recorder, turned in the missions, got myself up to level 10, bought a new shotgun, and was finally ready to take the fight to Bone Head. This was actually really annoying because I thought I was nailing him with headshots, but they were going right through him. After a few minutes of popping our from behind cover, I killed Bone Head, killed his friends, and caught a ride.