Install Laravel Homestead on Windows 10

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Shared August 16, 2019

How to setup Laravel Homestead in Windows 10

1.Install Virtual box
2.Install Vagrant
3. Run the following Commands:
a. Add the box to vagrant vagrant box add laravel/homestead

b.Clone the Homestead Box by cloning from GitHub git clone ~/Projects/Homestead

c. You should check out a tagged version of Homestead since the master branch may not always be stable: cd ~/Homestead git checkout release

d.Create the Configuration file for the Homestead Box cd into/project/folder "~/Projects/Homestead"

//Mac / Linux / Git Bash bash
// Windows init.bat

e. Edit Homestead.yaml file located on the next rout "~/Projects/Homestead/Homestead.yaml"
folders: - map: Ex: "C:/Projects_Laravel" - Project Folder in the Host machine to: /home/vagrant/code - Project Folder in Guest machine

sites: - map: homestead.test -The Domain Name to: C:/Projects_Laravel/Project1/public

f. Generate SSH Keys
ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "you@homestead"

g. Start the vagrant machine
vagrant up

h. Go into the vagrant machine
vagrant ssh

j. download the Laravel installer using Composer
cd ~
composer global require laravel/installer

k. Create Project Via Composer
laravel new ProjectName

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