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Joana Ceddia

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Shared January 21, 2019


Lightning McQueen, star of the 2006 blockbuster film “Cars”, is a statutory r*pist. In the film, Lightning meets and falls in love with a car named Sally Carrera, a Porsche 911. This makes Sally only 4 years old during the film (which takes place in 2006). Lightning, on the other hand, is a stock car and while his age isn’t expressly given, we know that an average stock car can race for 20 to 30 years. Because Lightning is the best, we can assume that he is 30 years old at the end of “Cars 3”, which takes place in 2017, 11 years after “Cars”. This would make Lightning 19 years old when he met Sally. As the majority of the films take place in the United States, which has the age of consent set at 17 years old, every time Lightning sticks his engine shaft in Sally’s exhaust pipe, he is committing statutory r*pe.

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