Top 25 WORST Games I've Ever Played! [Badvent Calendar SUPERCUT]

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Shared January 6, 2019

Welcome everybody to the entirety of the Badvent Calendar, where Caddy did a quick review of the 25 worst games he's ever played every day during December for his 2018 Christmas special. This video is every single part of that series back to back for your convenience! ▼ MORE LINKS BELOW ▼

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Welcome to the Badvent Calender - Caddy's 2018 Christmas/Holiday special where every single day until December 25th, he counted down through the worst games ever made. At least, the worst games HE has ever played. So it goes without saying, this list series won't be exactly the same as any other person online! But that's what makes it fun, right? This particular video however is a special case because Caddicarus decided to compile every single part of the Badvent Calendar, day after day, into 1 big long video for you! It's like a Caddicarus Top 10 - only, not. It's a Top 25 - a Top 25 of the WORST GAMES OF ALL TIME. The worst games ever made. At least, according to Caddy with his stupid arbitrary rules. In case you missed the excitement of a new video every day or just want to marathon the entire thing in one go, this is the long version you're looking for!

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