Saving an Abused German Shepherd from euthanasia for fear based aggressive behavior

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Upstate Canine Academy

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Shared December 12, 2018

This video is about Saving an Abused German Shepherd from euthanasia for fear based aggressive behavior. Everyone meet Cooper. This poor German Shepherd Dog has never had a decent shot at life. He has been through multiple owners/trainers and the current owner was told by the vet he would have to be put down. Thomas takes you outside the upstate canine academy where the owner is literally afraid to bring him into the building. He shows you step by step how he determines the dogs state of mind and reacts appropriately to the dogs movements. While creating an environment for cooper to bring down the anxiety and fear based aggression that was overwhelming in the car. We are going to follow up on Cooper so you can see why its so important to give these dogs what they need to live a balanced life.
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Situations of this nature should only be handled by a professional dog trainer. In no way should an inexperienced person approach or attempt to handle an aggressive dog in this manner for your safety and the dogs'.