Bedtime Chat Vlogmas Day 16

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Shared December 18, 2015

Hope you guys don't mind a little bedtime chat, we've been overhauling to get things done so we can have Christmas off, we are driving up to see my baby niece AND IM SO EXCITED!!! We FaceTime a lot and she learned how to say "more dogs" so she doesn't like to actually talk to me anymore, just dogs. My brother asked her which one her favorite is and she picked Marbles by a landslide, like screeching because she wants to see him which is bad news because Marbles doesn't know how to act right around little kids' unpredictable energy. She likes him the most because we ask him questions and he tilts his head around and she just thinks that's the most hysterical thing she has ever seen. Also please don't take anything in this video as throwing shade, I respect 99% of the people on the internet and the fact that they choose to share their lives, but obviously there are some people out there that I think make decisions based on attention and money, and I'm just not going to be that. It mostly stemmed from a few comments on Gurugossiper, which I go on relatively infrequently because man that place really sucks your soul out. But someone had essentially said "vlogmas proves that Jenna works 2 days a week" which just really grinds my gears. You can call me a lot of things, accuse me of whatever you want, but nothing in my life was ever handed to me. I work my very hard, always have, always will, and what I'm not going to do is compensate for someone's lack of understanding by proving what I do to you. It's just not what I'm about. My actions and attitude speak for themselves. It's one of the few times that something has really gotten under my skin, so I do really apologize for letting that show to the majority of you who appreciate what vlogging is about: a glimpse into someone else's life. My priorities lie in being happy first and foremost, and for as much as I do in my professional life, I channel that same work and energy into my personal life and create a happy balance for myself. I've been on the internet for a long time, I'm not expecting anyone to be 100% aware of what that job entails, I encourage anyone that's curious to jump in and start, but I can promise you that similar to any other profession, it is much more complicated than it appears from the outside. I also just fundamentally disagree with the idea of vlogging being as masturbatory as showing you working on the internet while working on the internet. Sometimes, sure it can be that, but certainly not every day, and if it was, I think you're getting a glimpse into someone's life who has clearly put their career above all else, and as a result many of their personal relationships not to mention mental or physical health have fallen to the bottom of the list, and it gets reinforced by their cycle of approval seeking money ladder climbing click baiting self loathing fake humble bragging content. If that's the glimpse that you're seeking, you can find that, but that's not how my work ethic goes, I don't need validation or approval. This is a democratized platform, I encourage you to put yourself out there without stifling or judging other people's lives, it diminishes their desire to share in the first place. And the last thing I'll say is that my profession does not define me as a human being, therefore I choose to show you what I think matters in life. Sorry for the rant, it was mostly uncalled for, thank those of you who come here out of genuine curiosity and support, and don't ever let people who don't know you make you feel belittled or demeaned. Chances are it's not coming from a bad place, but rather just a lack of knowledge or too much exposure from another extreme that has severely distorted their reality. I'm not angry or upset, everyone is entitled to their opinions, thank you to those of you who are open and honest with me and treat me like a person, and be gentle with people who choose to share. Regardless of who you are, you're taking a risk and being open and putting yourself out there, you ultimately open yourself up to criticism, but don't feel bad every once in a while if you need to stand up to someones ignorance. Just don't ever do it in a mean way and fuel the fire, I hope I got that across the best I could, and at the end of the day no matter how close you might feel to someone from watching their videos, you don't completely know all of the nuances that make them a person. Be gentle and kind and keep doing what makes you happy and that's all I'm out of here I want some food man I'm hungry from all this.