Ukraine's Anarchist Militants // Украинские милитант анархисты

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Shared April 10, 2019

Ukraine has a long history of political anarchism, dating back to the Black Army of anarchist revolutionary Nestor Makhno in the 1920s.

Since the country's 2014 Maidan revolution though, the historical and modern day rise of fascist groups is more widely known. Whilst the Russian government's claims that the revolution was some kind of "Nazi Junta" are false, Ukraine does have a rising problem with militant fascism that cannot be ignored.

In a bid to combat the growing far-right, a group of anarchists calling themselves Rev Dia (Revolutionary Action) have begun to organise. They're armed, training, and have never spoken to journalists before. Until now...

(We fucked up the clip for a few seconds at 04:43 by having the wrong audio with the subtitles. The subs are what he said though. Sorry about that.)



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(Thanks to JMB for putting us on to this)