May Forever - Ysabelle Cuevas (Official Music Video)

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Shared August 19, 2018

*for you, please read.*

Friends! Hi! So funny story (not really that funny, pero tawa ka na lang).
Last year, I wrote this song about traffic. And how it ruins any good thing on earth. Charot. Basta, I wrote this song about how forever exists, when you find yourself in the middle of the traffic on the Epifanio delos Santos Avenue/EDSA (di ko ginoogle yan pramis lol) for hours on end. But why, oh why, can we not find the same consistency in love? leaving us asking, yung totoo friend, may forever ba? Wala lang, gusto ko lang humugot (sorry na, bitter ako at that time, haha).
And then, a couple of weeks ago with the help of my ever amazing label, Warner Music Philippines (thank you I love you's), we released the song on all music platforms.
Then, I went to the Philippines and met amazing people. With said amazing people, met through amazing friends (hi Sabu!), there, we shot the music video for my second single, "May Forever." Kasi, it's not the music video if it wasn't shot anywhere near EDSA right? Dinayo ko talaga.
I now share it to the world, and I couldn't be any happier. I hope you're happy too. Smile ka na. Kahit stuck in traffic. Look to your left, to your right, malay mo, siya na forever mo.

My song's out on Spotify! Please stream :)

Giant thank you to every special human soul that made this possible.

Above everyone else, I give everything up to my Heavenly Father and Redeemer for all the blessings he graciously provides.

Music arranged, mixed and mastered by:
Sonic State Audio Studio

Warner Music Philippines

Newtown Pictures
Director: Norvin De los Santos
Director of Photography: Noah Del Rosario
2nd AC/Editor: Victor Elijah
Animation: Diego Del Rosario
Production Manager: Von Gatillo
Hair and Make-up: Mara Aquino
Production Assistant: Benedick Amurao
BTS: Joshua Elefan and Terrystan Sustal

Eisen Lim
Ysabelle Cuevas

Special Thanks to:
Sixteen Degrees Studios for Cams and Equipment
STAN Bus Liner
Terrystan Sustal

Nagsimula ang lahat sa pagtitig
na tumagal lagpas sa isang segundo
Isip ko’y umiikot sa’yo
Naghangad ng tunay na pag-ibig
Na paninindigan yung ikaw at ako
Walang hanggang pinangako mo

Yung puso ko nahulog sa’yo
Hala unti-unting nagbabago
Yung puso ko, nahulog sa’yo
Pero bakit ‘di mo sinalo

May forever sa edsa
May forever sa 'yong mga mata
Ang tagal mo rin naghintay
Pilit na sinuway ang tadhana
May forever sa pila
You said you'd never let go
Pang habang buhay ka pa
Kung may forever sa lahat ng ‘to
Ba’t kaya, tayo wala?

Tumagal naman tayo for 2 years
And for the longest time I thought this was it.
Nalingat lang saglit
Nasan na ang pangako mong forever, sinta

Oh no, tell me bakit nagbago ang ihip
Nang hangin nating noo’y nag iinit
Akala ko tunay na, bakit naglaho nung nakita mo siya?

‘Yung luha ko natraffic sa’yo
'di pa natuwa, binangga mo
‘Yung luha ko natraffic sa’yo
Pano ba patitigilin ‘to?

May forever sa edsa
May forever noon sa ‘yong mga mata
Ang tagal mo rin naghintay
Pilit na sinuway ang tadhana

May forever sa pila
You said you'd never let go
Pero ngayon nasan ka?
kung may forever sa lahat ng ‘to
Ba’t kaya

May forever sa edsa, sa QC
Nagbago ka baby
Have you seen us lately
Sagad na sagad na ako
Paano tayo humantong sa dulo

May forever sa Fort, sa Makati
Your love turned to maybe
I’m done with the waiting
Hindi naniniwala sa’yo
Panandalian ang forever mo

May forever sa edsa
May forever pala sa pagiging tanga
May forever sa moving on
Pero life goes on
Kaya na.

Kaya na na wala ka
kung ang forever mo ay sa piling na ng iba
May forever sa lahat ng ‘to
kaya, tayo wala.