Update on My Brother's Cancer...

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Shared March 14, 2019

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Herr Keks

I wish you the best Mark! Get well soon.

2 months ago | [YT] | 1,022

Inke Deane

I had the pleasure of meeting your brother and father the other day at MD Anderson. It was my son’s last day of radiation. Your brother and father were so kind and we really enjoyed talking with them. Praying him to be healed. It was weird because I thought I recognized your brother because I follow your channel but sometimes at 6:30 in the morning my brain just didn’t work! Best wishes to you all!

2 months ago | [YT] | 238

Majestic Beardsman

I've had cancer 4 times and all the bells and whistles that go with it so I know how you feel. Stay active if you can but also rest is very important. I wish you all the best.

1 month ago | [YT] | 38


God bless you Mark! Psalm 23:4 Even though I walk     through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil,     for you are with me; your rod and your staff,     they comfort me.

2 months ago | [YT] | 58

Jared Harris

DAMN MARK YOU ARE AWESOME!! Eyepatch and guitar!! 🤟🏻

1 month ago | [YT] | 13

Andrew Mitchell

We’re praying for you Mark. And Matt, were also praying for that guitar

2 months ago | [YT] | 100

Michael Scott

DEMO ur a bad a$$, but ur brother is a CHAMP. Love you bro, you are in my prayers. #MOREMARK

2 months ago (edited) | [YT] | 44


It’s always so sad to see good people like mark going through stuff like this good luck my man we’re all rooting for you

2 months ago | [YT] | 15


Mark is reading all these comments for sure, everyone is so positive.! And that will keep him positive, which is all that matter. God bless it could happen to all of us but not all of us has Matt as a brother tho. Getting sick is expensive

2 months ago | [YT] | 24

Matthew Wright

I will be praying for u mark God will help u 🙏🏻👍🏻

2 months ago | [YT] | 16

Joanne Devine

I totally think ya'll should glue a googley eye to your patch! Keep smiling!

2 months ago | [YT] | 579

marie smith

Still praying for you Mark and everyone involved. You're going to beat this God bless

2 months ago | [YT] | 9

Michel Gross

Thanks for the update. Mark, glad to see you doing better. Always keeping you in my prayers.

2 months ago | [YT] | 6


Nothing beats playing classic Mario with your brother

2 months ago | [YT] | 6

Dale Stickles

Man, super sad that Marc has the big C, I’ll be praying for him and his family, I never wanna see anyone sick like that, it’s not fair

2 months ago | [YT] | 7


Dont' give up Mark, The big "off the ranch" family is praying for you ^^

2 months ago | [YT] | 147

Desirae Turner

We have guitar classes at my school and when i first started my fingers hurt as well

2 months ago | [YT] | 7

R Scott

Prayers and blessings for Mark to enjoy a full recovery. And, hey, if the guitar doesn't come around for you, you can always take it to the range!

2 weeks ago | [YT] | 1

Robert Swain

I learned chords by playing House of the Rising Sun

2 months ago | [YT] | 3


Best wishes for you and your family Mark! keep up the god spirit

2 months ago (edited) | [YT] | 4