Gorgeous Freeman - Episode 2 - The Crowbar

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Genre: Film & Animation

License: Victor Entertainment, Inc.

Family friendly? Yes

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Antoine Delak

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Shared October 15, 2015

There is no turning back now ! Gorgeous Freeman has officially started his adventures through city 17 . But before he can even hope to defeat the Combine empire , Represented on Earth by Dr. Breen and his army of Willsons , Gorgeous will need a strong arsenal ... and it all starts with his legendary Dildo !

I'd like to thank everyone who's worked with me on this episode , it's the first time I had a team to help me on a video , and I must say this is really fun ! and I can't wait to do it again !!

Also , a big thank you to the group ''Sticky Boys'' for letting me use their music for the intro , you guys are the best !
Website http://www.stickyboys.eu/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/stickyboys

Also here a link to that Team Flare boss/Anaconda remix (provided by yours truly) https://youtu.be/ep3BySgQPXU

All the other musics are in the credits ... so please don't ask in the comments .. if you can't find what you're looking for , either the music is too short , or -to be honest- I can't find the title back , because you know .. I'm a very organized person...

And of course , THANK YOU , YES YOU reading this ! :D

Now If you'll excuse me , I've got 90 Go of fraps recording and other stuff to clean up. BA-BYE !