20 Unresolved Dragon Ball Super Plot Holes and Mysteries

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Shared March 9, 2019

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Dragon Ball Super provided fans with hours of new content, great battles, and a whole new story in the long-standing Dragon Ball Z anime franchise. While the series was filled to the brim with epic fights, twists, and higher stakes than ever, there were quite a few cracks and mysteries in the plot that piqued our curiosities first time around. Some plots were left dangling, and some mysteries were left totally unanswered with few details to build off of.

Some of these moments include Jiren’s backstory, Krillin’s constantly changing height, and a whole lot of questions involving the killing machine-turned family man Android 17. Considering Android 17’s violent introduction to the franchise and his questionable whereabouts after the Cell Games, we definitely have questions regarding his new family life and profession as a wildlife protector. And then there are a lot of questions about the many Universes. Where are the missing ones, what kinds of fighters are in the four that didn’t compete in the games, and why exactly do they call Dr. Rota a doctor?! Watch to relive your favorite moments from Dragon Ball Super while also questioning some of the biggest mysteries, plot holes, and elements the show never truly touched upon.

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