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Shared November 14, 2017

In today’s video, I wanna talk about a question that many people wondered which is who created engineers. Just like Shaw said, if Engineers created us, who created them?

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The first theory proposes that Engineers evolved from the black goo or the pathogen. From Alien Covenant deleted scene we learned that the black goo is an ancient form of AI that contains nanoparticles cable of evolutionary computing. This substance is also called an accelerant and poses different proprieties many of which we don’t even know yet. Since the black goo is a biological substance, in certain environments in could have produced simple organisms that eventually evolved into more complex ones until humanoid beings such as Engineers appeared.

That’s why engineers almost worshiped the pathogen and created a temple filled with pathogen ampules.
Another reason we’ve never seen the black goo producing life on it’s own is because Engineers always kept in isolation from outside world: glass ampules with the black goo were placed in solid urns.
With that being said, Engineers originated from the black goo and then worshiped this substance as the source of their existence.

But their attempts to play “god" led to their destruction and one or maybe all of the Engineer planets were contaminated.

The second theory is actually pretty crazy but it can make sense because there are quite a bit of details that can prove it. Remember this is just a theory and although it makes sense in a certain way, I’m pretty sceptical about it.
The main idea is that xenomorphs created engineers, as opposed to what most people thought. This theory contradicts to the commonly accepted assumption that every civilization or species are created by another more advanced civilizations. It doesn’t always have to be the case because in certain surcomstances, civilizations can degrade instead of always progressing.

According to this theory, Engineers did not create humans and the planet that we see at the beginning of Prometheus is the planet 4 or just another planet that Engineers wanted to seed with xenomorphs, their creators.

This theory would explain the xenomorph mural in Prometheus.
Engineers clearly worshiped this xenomorph looking organism because it created them. Xenomorph was portrayed in a crusifix form which is a way producers implied it’s devine status and there is really no other explanation for the mural, other than someone that Engineers worshiped.

David created some version of a xenomorph in Alien covenant because he used pre existing alien dna contained in the black goo. Even in the novelization David says that xenomoph eggs were already there before his arrival.

So how and why xenomorphs would create Engineers ?
Xenomorphs civilization went exstinct because of their abuse of technologies and their last attempt to survive was to create an artificial intelligence in the form of Engineers to spread their dna across the galaxy and prevent their species from dying, sounds like what humans are trying to do using androids.

For this reason they created an atrificial life form Engineers to help them survive and maintain favourable environment for their reproduction. Engineers were way smarter than xenomorphs, just like androids exceed humans in almost everything.

Abuse of technologies is one of the main themes of Alien movies so it would make perfect sense if this is what happened to xenomorphs. In fact the same thing might have destroyed engineers, since they went from wearing ropes to bio-suits merged with their bodies. And their planet might have been destroyed as a result of losing control over a technology or a bio experiment that they were conducting.
Alien movies itself are suggesting that although technological progress can offer many benefits, its abuse and extreme dependence can lead to the extinction of human race.

So Alien movies is a warning to humans that if we don’t use technology in a more responsible way, we will become bio hybrid monsters that we’re so afraid of.
Technology turning agains humans is also an important theme in alien movies, david and ash value exploration of alien life forms over human crew.
and it is shown multiple times that technology fails to protect humans.

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