Saiki ♥ Coffee Jelly | 斉木 ♥ コーヒーゼリー ft. Grand Chocolate Parfait

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Genre: Comedy

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Shared June 27, 2018

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珈琲豆の芳醇な深い香りとコク それをそのまま閉じ込めた気品を感じさせる味… さらにミルクとの出会いでまた違った顔を覗かせる 罪深い程に贅沢な逸品だ…全然嫌いではない


This is a compilation of all the scenes in The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. featuring Saiki's favorite food in the universe, coffee jelly.
Coffee Jelly has a mellow, deep scent and flavor. These elements all combine to give it a dignified flavor. When you add milk, it becomes a whole new experience!

★ A Japanese guide showing how to make the "Slightly Bitter Allure of an Adult's Love Coffee Jelly" (

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