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Shared September 12, 2019

From January 19th to July 13th 2019, here's the complete twelfth season of Caddicarus. For a complete episode list, CLICK DOWN HERE! I had absolutely NO idea how much longer this season turned out to be compared to all my other seasons. At just over 7 hours long, this is THE longest. I guess this maybe because I focused entirely on the show and how crazy I could get with it over the course of the first half of 2019, and with a drop-off in other sideshows - but maybe it's because I just couldn't stop myself from making stupid stuff really quickly. And man, what totally crazy stuff it was. From one of my most successful videos ever with PlayStation Classic, to a collab with the exploding-in-popularity Scott the Woz, and then a sprinkling of WAY more brand new releases like Kingdom Hearts 3 following into a redo of an old video with Klonoa and THEN a documentary USA trip vlog-styled Caddicarus based around the Borderlands 3 preview build I got to play in Hollywood.....damn, I don't know what else to say. If you're not a fan of this style of Caddicarus, I can't apologise enough....because I'm enjoying this randomised and totally unexpected approach the more I do it!

1 The PlayStation Classic (00:00:00)
2 PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale ft. Scott The Woz (00:25:55)
3 Resident Evil 2 Remake (00:46:39)
4 Kingdom Hearts 3 (01:17:50)
5 Top 10 WORST American PS1 Box Arts! (02:03:52)
6 Metro Exodus PS4 (02:23:03)
7 The PlayStation VR (02:46:47)
8 Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (03:19:05)
9 Sekiro is WAY TOO EASY (03:42:33)
10 PEPSIMAN! (04:10:33)
11 Breakout PS1 ft. RECTANGLES WITH EYES (04:30:25)
12 Yoshi's TEDIOUS World (04:48:52)
13 Team Sonic Racing DESTROYS Friendships (05:03:52)
14 A Banned PS1 Game.... (05:11:30)
15 Borderlands 3 Made Me Wee (05:27:36)
16 Crash Bandicoot Butts: A Tier List (05:48:18)
17 Crash Twinsanity (06:06:22)
18 Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled (06:42:13)
19 Glover PS1 (the BAD version...) (07:05:33)

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